Hello, I'm Fifi

I started this interior blog in 2012 when I bought my first home in Hove, UK. It was a 1 bed Victorian flat packed with Victorian charm, and it was the dream starter decoration project. See the full home tour

I bought the place with my partner in crime photographer fiancé Neil, who shares a similar love for warm, cosy and charming interiors like I do. We have really similar taste in style. We adore period homes, fireplaces, wood floors, tartan blankets, simple living and country walks, and our couple-vision is to one day buy a barn in the middle of nowhere to convert and spend our lives there. It'll happen one day :)

We recently sold our flat and bought a 3 bed 1930s semi-detached in need of... how shall I put it? "TLC"!

It was the most grannified place when we moved in, but slowly we will turn it into a home we adore. 

Tour the before pics of our home and follow along with us :-) I'm going to need your advice. 


"Following interior trends isn't the secret to having a home you adore. It starts with defining your unique interior style, and choosing colours & textures you're instantly drawn to" 



I was a proper novice when I bought my first place. Neil & I quickly realised following trends made us happy only temporarily. We'd get fed up of the design shortly after living with it.

Designing a space you love is not about following rules or trends (at least not at first), nor is it about having a hefty budget. It starts with pinpointing what it is you love to do. Individually and together as a family. And making decoration choices with this as your starting point.

I put together this free class to help couples and families with different needs and tastes work out how they can create a cohesive design that works for all the people under the same roof. If you're planning to decorate, or redecorate a room, defining your unique interior style is the place to start.