Hello, I'm Fifi

I started this interior blog in 2012 when I bought my first home in Hove, UK. It's a 1 bed Victorian flat (currently on the market) packed with Victorian charm, and it's been the dream first, starter decoration project.

I bought the place with my partner in crime photographer fiancé Neil, who shares a similar love for warm, cosy and charming interiors like I do. We have really similar taste in style. We adore period homes, fireplaces, wood floors, tartan blankets, simple living and country walks, and our couple-vision is to one day buy a barn in the middle of nowhere to convert and spend our lives there. It'll happen one day :)

Our mission in decorating this first home together has led us to make choices we've never had to make before. Who do we ask to wallpaper the alcoves? Should we DIY? Where do we source fabric for a custom made blind? It's been a learning experience for both of us that I've shared since day one on this blog in the hope that you (and your significant other) find some design direction. 


"Following interior trends isn't the secret to having a home you adore. It starts with defining your unique interior style, and choosing colours & textures you're instantly drawn to" 



I was a proper novice when I bought my first place. Neil & I quickly realised following trends made us happy only temporarily. We'd get fed up of the design shortly after living with it.

Designing a space you love is not about following rules or trends (at least not at first), nor is it about having a hefty budget. It starts with pinpointing what it is you love to do. Individually and together as a family. And making decoration choices with this as your starting point.

I put together this free class to help couples and families with different needs and tastes work out how they can create a cohesive design that works for all the people under the same roof. If you're planning to decorate, or redecorate a room, defining your unique interior style is the place to start.