Monday, 30 March 2015

Just got engaged? Read this...

Brighton wedding and engagement shoots ››

The single best way to mark your engagement? 

Having a couples photo shoot. 

You'll have stunning images to remember the happiest days of your life, and not only that, if you're super creative and plan ahead, you can get professional shots taken to wow people on your wedding invites. 

With my fiancée Neil being a Brighton based professional wedding photographer, we're both passionate about documenting our engagement (and in fact, our whole lives!) through photography. We've already pencilled in a weekend where we'll take ourselves off somewhere beautiful and meaningful to us, camera remote in hand, and photograph just the two of us during one of many happy times together. To share with friends, family and/or on my blog, we're not sure yet, but I can't wait to have an album of photos to mark our engagement.

Brighton wedding and engagement shoots ››

If you're engaged and up for a shoot in Sussex, Neil is offering 5 engagement shoots totally free. We really want to give people the gift of stunning images that they can keep for life as a thanks for following our story so far. 

So go ahead and visit for more information, or apply right here

Closes Thursday 30th April, so hurry and get your application in :) 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I ❤ Weekends

The perfect way to spend a Sunday ››

How are you spending your Sunday? 

Mine looks a little something like this. I've been wanting to update my loungewear from Spongebob Squarepants pyjama bottoms and fluffy Primark socks for something a bit more grown up without compromising pure comfort. 

This set of satin & lace pyjamas is close to perfect; more so once the weather starts warming up. They're from the BHS Wedding section, I found them on my internet travels whilst looking for inspiration for the big day. Throwing this Boohoo cardigan over the top (only £12, say whaaat) keeps the warmth in, and makes the look a little less 'woah there' when the postman knocks on the door. Poor chaps. 

Of course, no Sunday is complete without a big fine cup of JING's Yunnan Gold in their stunning glassware accompanied by Lindt chocolate. It's Easter after all. 


JING tea (my fave is Yunnan Gold)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

7 ways I'm making life lovely this month | March Edition

lols at the cheesy photo

Another month flying past us. Did you notice I changed the title of this feature? I dunno, it's spring time and I was feeling all *creative* plus, my 7 ways this month are specifically making my life more lovely as opposed to better. But I guess they can go hand in hand. Life is better when it's more lovely, right?

If you're puzzled and you don't know what I'm harping on about, start from the beginning and read the whole series. Go on, they'll inspire you (I hope).

Here are my 7 for March 2015.

1. Getting creative with a graphics tablet

I'm not usually the techie type. Gadgets don't impress me all that much unless it's hugely problem solving and I simply need it in my life (like my mac air, iphone & nexus - I couldn't live without them). But in the last month since I spent the day giving this blog a lick of paint and learning HTML skills from the ground up in one day, I've been a lot more curious about technology. Watching A Beautiful Mess' handwriting video on Youtube was the catalyst to me buying a tablet so I can doodle & hand write text over photos. I simply love it. 

2. Serious decoration plans...

... resulting in sleepless nights. Not because I'm stressed, but because I can't stop thinking and even dreaming of interiors. Is there something wrong with me?
I have two rooms I'm completely redecorating. The first is a large bedroom at my mom's house, and the second is mine and Neil's bedroom (see how it currently looks on my recent Home Tour). I've been looking at beautiful wallpaper by Graham & Brown, whilst dreaming up the perfect Valspar paint schemes ready for the Easter bank holiday weekend, when I make a start. Stay tuned for before + after posts. 

3. I invented the chocolate picnic

You heard that right folks. Not a sarnie in sight. It was the BEST way to end a country walk, and celebrate Easter with a giant Lindt bunny and her mini chocolate brood. If you're looking for fun, cheap things to do with family or other halves over the bank holiday, have a chocolate picnic and gather together the biggest collection you can. (ps, if you're nosey, check out the other photos from the picnic)!

4. Magazine subscriptions are giving me more creative ideas

I recently got an annual subscription for Mollie Makes, Style at Home & Good Food magazine in order to keep up to date with current trends and develop fresh ideas for blog content. Magazine inspiration is so underrated since Pinterest came to town, but for sourcing interior suppliers, you just can't beat print. 

As coincidence would have it, I'm being featured in June's edition of Style at Home magazine, so keep your eye out!

5. Date nights, on a budget!

Neil and I found ourselves slipping into a routine of, well, not doing much every night. We thought about why we weren't doing different things every eve and it largely came down to us needing to save. We thought of ways we could vary up our evenings in on a budget and came up with "this and that" nights. First up, hotdogs & horrors. Next up, Fajitas & Mojitos. I'll be sharing more about this soon :)

6. Bright lipstick. Especially on dull days.

The minute I whack a bright lippy across my face, I'm instantly happier. Try it. 

7. Finally, and perhaps the best one of all.... I've bought a HETTY VACUUM! 

Cleaning will now be a doddle with my new pink friend. She's beautiful. Hetty hoover selfies about to be released on my instagram, watch this space.