Sunday, 22 February 2015

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

If you think you haven't got the design eye to create the bedroom of your dreams, think again. 

If you can copy, you can create. 

Everyone covets the 'fresh from pinterest' look in their homes and I'm about to show you how easy it is to create, or copy. The thing is, nothing is original. Ideas are born through being inspired by other people's work (and ideas). And interior looks are no different, great ideas or trends are really a juxtaposition of existing concepts. 

You can create your dream room in 3 easy steps, okay it'll take a lot of time, money and effort preceding these 3 actions, but if you get this part nailed you'll be well on your way to a pinspiring home (see what I did there?)

1. Decide which room it is you'd like to decorate or spruce up

2. Spend a little while scrolling through pinterest (or wherever you find your home inspiration in fact) and pick just ONE photo that best suits the space you're changing and the look you want to achieve. 

3. Copy, copy, copy. 

Take the top photo for example. It's the first photo I found on my pinterest travels and if I was a teenage girl again, it would be my dream bedroom. Here's how I'd style it up to create a similar, more 'fifi' look. 

First of all I'd split each of the main themes of the photo into categories. In this instance, the bed is a major focal point in the room, as is the shelving, and then the bedside tables. If I get these 3 right, my room should end up looking pretty similar. The beauty of this, is that the room won't end up identical, I'll put my own stamp on it just by shopping elsewhere. 

Now the fun part. Shopping!

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The bed

Depending on what your bed looks like you could choose to spray paint your current metal bed frame a nice ivory colour and buy new finials for the posts, or if your bed is in need of an upgrade anyway visit an online bed store like Bedzrus who have super reasonable frames to choose from with that nu-vintage look.

When choosing bedding, consider colour schemes within the image. For this room I'd go as close to browns, baby pinks, champagne golds and off-whites as possible, and layer up on textures. Mix fur with thick knits, patterns and crisp linen. 

Similar bed dressing I'd buy to recreate this look:

Cream fur throw, £30 BHS or Mink fur throw £49.99 Dunelm Mill
Egyptian cotton duvet cover in Blossom, from £35 M&S
Regency Mink cushion, £25 Habitat for Homebase
Herringbone blanket, £10 Primark
Fur cushion cover, £12.99 H&M
Pair of symphony cushion covers, £15 Very

Collectively this could be unaffordable, but the great thing is that once you have a photo and clear vision to work with, you can recreate the look by collecting pieces as and when you save up.

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The shelving

If I wanted to go all out, I'd buy similar wallpaper and make the wall behind the bed an 'accent' wall leaving the rest of the room neutral. I'd opt for this stunning Elveden Laura Ashley print that would suit the colour scheme and not detract from the whole look. It's all about subtle colours. 

The room pictured has style elements that would be a total fuss to recreate, panelled shelving, although it looks nice, there's a much cheaper way to create the shelving above the bed. In fact, it's an ikea hack. Once the wallpaper is on, measure the height of the bed frame and just above it, fix some picture ledges or simple white freestanding shelves you can get for between £7-£15 in Ikea. 

Following this, I'd head straight for Not On The High Street to find suitable decorative bits to pop on top. I'd choose meaningful quotes or art, or even black and white framed photos of friends and family. 

Some things I'd buy to jazz up the shelving:

2 or 3 bottle vases in various sizes, from £12 Not On The High Street
Artificial pink roses, £9.95 Not On The High Street
Dream Big embroidery hoop, £22.68 Etsy
Wooden mirror with 3 hanging hearts, £28 Not On The High Street
Tea cup candle, £12 Etsy

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The bedside tables 

Matching is the way forward. After a little google around, (oh Loaf, how I love you) do pretty much the exact same style dressers. Their Mimi bedside tables are £195 each and are a beautiful brown shade that pulls the room together.

I'd decorate the bedside tables with double apperture copper frames, £16  Oliver Bonas and a vintage pink and white reading light, £32 Etsy.

As for the rest of the room, like the carpet, pouf and basket, depending on the flooring of the room I'm styling, I'd buy a large mink or cream rug to sit under the bed and stretch towards the edges of the room. If you had wooden flooring, you could think about painting the floorboards white which would really bring the room to life. There's a similar pouf on Wayfair's site (another favourite of mine) and wicker baskets can be picked up everywhere online. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it's inspired you to start styling your home. I'd love to see some pics if you do!

Credits // Photo by House to Home  

Thursday, 19 February 2015

7 ways I've made my life better this month (February edition)

Fifi McGee Brighton blogger

1. I've brought my spending down to £25 a week

It might sound ridiculously hard from the outset, but once you form a good food plan, start bringing in lunches to work, walk to and from where you need to be cutting transport fees, and steer clear of Topshop, £25 a week or £100 a month is totally doable. I found it hard at first but since buying a flat and having holidays and construction costs coming up, saving is my number 1 priority. If you're still living at home, you have no excuse - save at least half your earnings and you'll be laughing once you come to put a deposit down on a house. 

2. I take 20 mins every morning to map out my day

As one of those people who needs a strategy even for the simplest goals, I've started planning my days and weekends down to the hour. Yep, seriously. I get a pen and paper, list all the achievable things I need to do that day and write in a time slot for each. Easy. I can focus so much better on the tasks ahead when I do this, and can easily jump between job to job without leaving things half done. 

3. I'm better dressing my tech! 

I recently discovered the blog Design Love Fest who have a regular feature called 'Dress your tech'. They share a series of free downloadable pretty designs for your iPhone, iPad or mac wallpaper. I love them. Having a creative background on my phone is cuing lots of creative thinking for me. You should try it too, switch up your backgrounds with inspiring quotes and patterns, it could change your whole outlook in one day.

4. I'm learning aspects of HTML & CSS

Are you reading this on my blog or the Bloglovin' app? If it's the former you might have noticed my design has all dramatically changed in the last week. Fifi McGee has had a facelift! What you're looking at was the result of 7 hours solid concentration, photoshop work and HTML googling. I recently purchased the A Beautiful Mess Blog Design Love 2.0 class which delves into coding and brand building. I don't think I've made a better decision in my life than to start coding and learning basic design skills and I can thank the ABM course for giving me the head start. It's an amazing feeling seeing my ideas come to life. 

Ps, do you like my new design?

5. There's a strict vitamin regime on the cards people.

It must be the time of year - EVERYONE is ill. Colds and flus are everywhere (I have the sniffles as I type). Neil & I have been doing a lot of research into herbal remedies recently. We've tried a cocktail of Vitamin D, Echinacea, Vitamin B12 and Lion's mane, and up until now I've seen the big improvements in my mood, skin, hair and nails. Plenty more experimenting to come. 

6. Experimenting with different creative outputs... like VIDEO *oh my gahd say what*

It's ok, it's ok, I'm not trying to be another youtube celebrity ;) Back in last month's '7 ways I've made my life better' post, I told you all about my adult colouring book fascination. Well, so far the colouring is so fun I actually did a time lapse video of me colouring a picture from start to finish. It looked incredible, I was so proud of it. But in true fifi style, I just couldn't get the technology to work for me to upload it. It's a learning curve, and a work in progress. Stay tuned for the clip, I'm not giving up on technology that easy. If you've been umming and ahhing about starting a youtube channel, blog or experimenting with other outputs, delve in. It's great to learn.

7. We've planned some date nights

Contrary to number 1, given we're strict on saving at the mo, Neil & I have decided every second Friday of the month we're allowing ourselves a night off to get out into our beautiful city in Brighton and try out some new restaurants, cafés or pubs. We have a long list of places we want to go to and I'll be taking you with us, photographing and sharing our dates. Our first date night of many happened last week, go have a nosy.  It was so much fun, and will hopefully inspire you to head somewhere new with your nearest and dearest too.

Until March's edition, keep working towards your goals everyone! :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Date night: Dirty Blonde, Brighton

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

How was everyone's Valentine's weekend? Hope you all got suitably loved up. 

Neil & I spent an evening being wined and dined at the beautiful Dirty Blonde on East Street in Brighton; my first time visiting the place since it's Lola Lo days, and oh my God has the venue done a complete 360. 

What was once a sticky student filled club, now sits a vintage inspired, classy restaurant and bar area providing the ideal local space for an ultimate night with friends and loved ones. Brighton has long needed a space like this to come along. I once struggled to think of venues for birthdays, hen parties, special celebrations that were a cut above the rest but now I'll struggle no longer. 

As we sat for dinner here, we decided to make 'date nights' a monthly thing, the second Friday of the month, so we have an excuse to try more restaurants in Brighton and Hove. It's something we rarely do since buying the flat. I'll be sharing each date night on here (hopefully it'll give YOU ideas of where to go) so consider this the first in the series. What a magnificent start to the series...

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Valentine's nails by She Nail, new salon in Brighton

Let's talk about the food. 

I kid you not, after the first bite of our first course I declared it: "This is the best food I've ever eaten in Brighton" and I repetitively said that well into the morning. 

We shared a portion of Dirty Blonde's classic slider burgers to start, so tender, drizzled in their home made burger sauce that I demand to know the recipe for. It made me regret not ordering one of their classic burgers for mains, but I figured I'd be all burger-ed out. So opted for the Dirty hot dog instead. 

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

The best part of mains for me was the crisp, deep fried jalapeños that lined the hot dog bun. They packed a punch and gave the hot dog such a brilliant taste. 

Neil opted for the 10oz 21 day dry aged steak. We shared bites of both our meals, like the love sick puppies we must have looked like, and definitely gave the meat 10/10 for juiciness. You know when the flavours on your plate are so empowering that it dulls down the taste of your rioja? It doesn't happen often, but at Dirty Blonde's it happened. 

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Other 'wow' moments were simple things like the tap water we ordered. It had hints of refreshing cucumber in it and was just the right temp. I loved the choice of chips too - sweet potato fries, normal fries or beef dipped fries (which disappointingly weren't available that night. I guess they tasted so good people ate the restaurant out of house and home!)

My one quibble was that the chips were ever-so-slightly over salted, but that didn't matter as much having fine wine to swig away the thirst. 

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Onto the venue itself.

As touched upon before, this place never had the wow factor it does now. The management really have spared no expenses renovating the restaurant. As you enter the 'Pawn Shop' sign on the door throws you back to prohibition years. You're ushered in the door and led towards the back of the bar where the hustle and bustle's happening and wine's a-flowing. 

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Dirty Blonde, Brighton restaurant review

Decked out with chandeliers, eccentric art, and vintage chairs and mirrors, the place feels special. I regretted not going all out with my outfit choice - as some had - with 1920's feathers and flapper dresses. Again, this is the perfect place to celebrate. A trip to the ladies found me lost in a champagne bar, long story. But I was a happy lady.  

Another 10/10 from me for the care and attention from all the staff and manager. We had such a brilliant waiter, dressed very dapper who recommended some ace courses and shared our love for bacon jam (possibly the best thing that came from the whole evening, me discovering bacon jam) <3 On my way out, after being mesmerised by all of the vintage jewels and pearls inside glass tables, we were seen off by the manager who was the friendliest chap. I love warm welcomes. 

If you're a Brighton local, or you're visiting us soon, I urge you to get Dirty Blonde on your list of places to head. Even if it's for a cocktail (or three).

Or call to book: 01273 727 494

Photography: Neil William Shaw, Brighton Wedding Photographer // Experience c/o Dirty Blonde